Helping Our Community Recover From Hurricane Sally

Skanksa Claims

When Hurricane Sally made landfall, at least 22 Skanska barges became unmoored, jeopardizing the economy, safety, and health of our community.

Insurance Claims

If you believe your insurance company has under-valued or wrongfully denied your claim, or you simply need help making sense of the process.

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Fighting for our Local Community

Hurricane Sally was devastating to the Gulf Coast and our surrounding communities. As locals of Pensacola and Gulf Breeze, our attorneys understand the devastation first-hand and have been working boots on the ground to care for not only our own friends, family, and homes, but also those of our neighbors. Suffering through a hurricane is difficult enough; the last thing our community needs is additional damage caused by those who we count on to look out for us. AWKO is here to ensure that Sally victims are treated fairly by their insurance companies, and that third parties, like Skanska, are held responsible for the damages they have caused. If you believe your insurer has wrongfully denied or is under-valuing your claim, or that you or your business will suffer economic losses due to the damages caused by the Skanska barges, AWKO is here to fight for you. We were at the epicenter of the hurricane, and we want to be the epicenter of our community’s recovery.

The attorneys of Aylstock, Witkin Kreis & Overholtz handle litigation both locally and across the United States for victims of large companies’ negligence. We have successfully represented and obtained substantial compensation for thousands of clients. If you believe that you may have a claim against your insurer or Skanska, or you simply need help evaluating your circumstances, please call us today at 850-202-1010 or email us at so that we may provide you with additional information about your legal rights.

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Skanska Claims

As the company responsible for building Pensacola’s new Three Mile Bridge, Skanska USA was trusted to provide a safe and reliable means to connect Pensacola, Gulf Breeze, and Pensacola Beach. Instead, their negligence has resulted in total devastation and destruction of a critical point of access connecting our community. When Sally made landfall, at least 22 Skanska barges became unmoored, jeopardizing the economy, safety, and health of our community for months—maybe years—to come. If you believe you or your business have been negatively impacted by Skanska, AWKO attorneys want to fight for you.

Insurance Claims

Following a natural disaster like Hurricane Sally, we depend on our insurance companies to look out for us and help us rebuild. Unfortunately, sometimes they are not looking out for our best interests. If you believe your insurance company has under-valued or wrongfully denied your claim, or you simply need help making sense of the process and maximizing the value of your potential claim, AWKO attorneys are here to help.

After The Storm

Following the tips below after the storm has passed can maximize your opportunities for a quick recovery. 

Document Every Loss
Take pictures of any destruction, do the best you can to make an inventory of every item you have lost, keep a log of any expenses you incur as a result of the hurricane (travel, meal, lodging, and any other out-of-pocket loss).
Contact Your Insurance Company As Soon As Possible
Notify them of your loss, record your claim number and document any conversation you have with any representative of the insurance company including any adjustor (note the name of the person, the content of the conversation, and the date and time of the conversation).
Contact FEMA As Soon As Possible
You may be eligible for assistance from the federal government. There is, however, a limited time in which to assert a claim for FEMA assistance. Therefore, we urge you to contact FEMA as soon as possible. 1-800-621-FEMA (3362)
Read Your Insurance Policy Very Carefully
If you do not have a copy of your policy, ask your insurance company to send one to you as soon as possible. Your policy will explain what is and is not covered.
Be Aware Of Potential For Mold Damage
Where there is heat and moisture, mold often follows. Unfortunately, mold may grow undetected behind walls, under paint or out of sight. For some, mold can be an irritant to the breathing passage and can cause other adverse health consequences. As you make repairs, you should consider having an expert inspect your property for evidence of mold. Many insurance policies contain special provisions for mold damage, so read your policy very carefully.
Be Wary Of Unlicensed Contractors
In the wake of past hurricanes, our community was flooded with people who offered to make repairs. Not all of these people knew what they were doing and not all of them were honest. The last thing you need after suffering a loss is to have your problems made worse by a repairman who does a shoddy job and then disappears or who simply skips town with your money. You should seek proof that the person performing the work is licensed, has insurance and/or is bonded.
Never Sign A Release With Your Insurance Company
Reputable insurance companies do not require their insureds to sign a release after making a claim. The simple fact is that it may take time to determine the extent of your damage. You are entitled to supplement your claim if and when you discover additional damage and should not, at any time, be required to sign a release to obtain payment for the claim submitted.
Wind vs. Flood Damage
Many people may have suffered damage from both wind and flood waters associated with the Hurricane. You need to be aware that homeowners insurance typically excludes damage caused by flood. For that reason, your homeowner’s carrier may deny your claim or try to get you to sign a statement saying that damages were caused by flood. Do not sign or make any statement to that effect. Flood damage is almost always preceded by wind damage. There are steps you can take to establish that you suffered wind damage as well as flood damage. Feel free to call our office for more information.
Public Adjusters
There are individuals who hold themselves out as independent adjusters who will assess your claim and provide you with an estimate of your loss. These individuals typically charge you a percentage of your loss for their services. While some of these individuals are reputable, exercise caution before hiring one; there are limits on what they can do for you (they cannot testify in court on your behalf, for example) and some do nothing more than the insurance company adjuster.
Adjuster Estimates Often Do Not Reflect Market Value
Insurance adjusters typically use standardized software to adjust property damage claims. This software usually has standard prices for repairs that do not reflect current market conditions. As a result, the money that you may be offered to repair damage you have suffered may be insufficient to allow you to fix the damage. Do not accept an estimate from an adjuster until you know how much it is really going to cost you to fix the damage.

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